Dry Creek Whitetails
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 TX3324     We are classified as a TC 1 breeding facility
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Dry Creek Whitetails Breeder Doe Genetics
When we started we knew how important it was to obtain the best doe possible. We researched and visited some of the top breeders in the state of Texas until we found what we were looking for: Bloodlines that PRODUCE!  More importantly, bloodlines  that inherently pass down these traits so that they are more apparent at an earlier age.
​Below are the sires of our doe:
Dry Creek Whitetails Breeder Bucks
DCW Honcho-274 5/8 @ 2
Bambi Dropkick-225 SCI
Sundowner-374  SCI
Dreamrock-253 SCI
Seal Team 6-280 SCI
Zeus - 284 5/8 SCI
DCW Honcho - DCW Turbo (Jakes 308)/OR-47 274 5/8 SCI @ 2

Wilderness Bucky-331 SCI
Bambi DD-210 SCI
Bambi Longhorn-200 SCI
Gladiator-309 SCI
4M Silverback-294 SCI
Maxbo Extreme-356 SCI
Sweet N' Sticky - Sweet N' Easy/Stickers 240 SCI @ 3
Maxbo's Hammer-346 SCI
TR Sideways-311 7/8 SCI
"2009 TDA Best Non Typical"
Sweet N Sticky -240  SCI
Bambi 727 - 262 SCI