Dry Creek Whitetails
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 TX3324     We are classified as a TC 1 breeding facility
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About Dry Creek Whitetails
Dry Creek Whitetails is committed to producing only the finest quality deer for your ranch. The only thing that overshadows our passion toward raising big, quality whitetails is our commitment to family and the desire to build relationships with clients that will last. We are a TC 1 breeding facility and have doe that can be bred to our bucks. Call or email to discuss pedigrees and breeding options so that we can set you up for success!

​From the start, our goal wasn't to be the largest deer breeding operation. Instead, we have chosen to focus our energy and resources on producing quality deer. We take pride in what we do and our goal is to ensure that our customers our 100% satisfied with the deer they purchase. We have references on request.

We follow strict de-worming and medical protocol and use only premium feed and alfalfa. Healthy deer are more resistant to illness and disease.  Our philosophy is: If your deer are in superior health through their first year of life, the subsequent result will be larger body and antler development in the later stages of life.

Our specialty is helping our customers achieve their management goals by introducing superior genes to their deer herd. This is accomplished by releasing bred or open does and bucks onto your property to improve the genetic pool of your deer herd. 

All of our deer originate from 200-350 B&C breed stock. If releasing stocker bucks, they must be transferred 10 days prior to the opening of the Texas bow season without the requirement of removing the antlers. Bred doe must be moved while ambient temperatures are still cool (Feb-Mar). Open does can be moved anytime as long as temperatures permit. We will discuss release procedures in depth to ensure the survivability of your purchase and follow up periodically to ensure our customers needs are met. 

If you have questions about the benefits of introducing superior genetics to your ranch or if there is anything else we can help you with, please contact us today. (281) 435-7515 or (979) 224-9022.
Committed to helping you achieve your management goals